Madden 20: How many of the 10 fastest quarterbacks (QB) do yo

  • Lamar Jackson became the fastest quarterback in Madden's history at the beginning of the season, but who else can join him at the top of Madden's 20th speed ranking?

    The double-threatening quarterback can make a variety of suitable choices for defense, and in Madden 20 we can finally run the appropriate running option (RPO). But to do this effectively, you need the quarterback to be fast. If you are looking for a reliable website to buy MUT 20 Coins, then GameMS is your best choice.

    Earlier this season, Lamar Jackson officially became the fastest quarterback in Madden's history. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback broke a single-season quarterback sprint record earlier this year, surpassing Michael Vick's 1039 yards in 2006.

    Jackson is the quarterback who formed a team in Madden 20, but he is certainly not the only quarterback to have speed in the game. Here is a list of the 10 fastest quarterbacks in Madden 20. EA updates it weekly. Player levels are adjusted based on how they perform in real life. The list is as of December 25 (week 17):

    Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens) – 96 Speeds / 92 Overall
    Keller Murray (Arizona Cardinals) – 91 Speeds / 75 Overall
    Taysom Hill (New Orleans Saints) – 90 speeds / 62 overall
    Marcus Mariota (Tennessee Giants) – 88 Speeds / 70 Overall
    Tyrod Taylor (Los Angeles Rams)-88 Speeds / 70 Overall
    Joe Webb III (Houston Texans) – Speed ??87, 53
    Tracking Mike Solly (Baltimore Ravens) – 87 Speed ??/ 55 Overall
    Russell Wilson (Seattle Hawks)-86 Speed ??/ 97 Overall
    Jeff Driscoll (Detroit Lions) – 85 Speeds / 61 Overall
    Robert Griffin III (Baltimore Ravens) – 85 speeds / 66 overall

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    If you are looking for top-rated quarterbacks who also pose a threat to their feet, then obviously Mahomes, Wilson, and Jackson are your best choices. Which quarterback do you prefer to compete for in Madden 20?