18 Things You Should Never Do on Your Girlfriend's Birthday

  • 18 Things You Should Never Do on Your Girlfriend's Birthday

    One of the most common problems that people in relationships face is what to gift each other on their birthdays or anniversary. Buying gifts for women can get tricky since there is endless number of things that you can buy for her. While we often hear women say how difficult it is to pick a gift for a man as there are little options, it is equally tough to buy presents for a woman because of the exact opposite reason- there are plethora of gifting options and it just makes it a confusing affair.

    From books to bags, shoes to sports gear- women seem to love anything and everything. While there are thousands of things that you can buy and do for your girl on her birthday, here are things that you should never do:

    1. Don’t gift her what you want

    A big mistake that many people in relationship make is picking gifts that they like for their partner. Of course, new video games, gaming consoles and a toaster might be things that she would enjoy but are these really what would make her happy? You can save gifts that you both can enjoy together for anniversaries.

    Instead of making it a day about yourself (unintentionally!), be more thoughtful and surprise her by your efforts. You can gift her gift card of her favourite brand. You know what would be even better? Plan a relaxing spa day for her and her girl pals. Not only she would love this fun-filled and rejuvenating day, even her friends would thank you for being so adorable and loving. You can even surprise her exactly at midnight by sending flowers straight to her doorstep through a midnight flower delivery in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata or any other major city in India.


    2.Don’t gift her cheap jewelry

    Gone are those days when you could just get your girl prepackaged jewelry and call it a gift. That low-priced huge box of trinkets that you are eyeing on for her birthday is something that she already knows of and has probably, owned a couple of them in her teens.

    Buying her a gift that looks like an afterthought before leaving the store can upset her on her special day. Make sure to buy something that reflects how much thought you have put into it. These gaudy and cheap accessories are not only low priced but are of low quality as well. Of course, you don’t want your present break after few uses or give your girlfriend and itchy neck or finger.

    It’s absolutely understandable if you are under a tight budget. What you can do is buy her affordable handmade jewelry. Often reasonably priced, handmade ornaments look classy and have a rustic feel to it.


    1. Don’t go way out of your budget

    No matter how much you love your girlfriend and want to make her birthday very special, don’t make the blunder of spending way more than you can afford. Love and emotions do not come with a price tag. A fairly-priced, heartfelt gift would mean a lot more than a gift for which you have to burn a deep hole in your pocket. Moreover, this can become toxic in your relationship in the long run. Your attempt of impressing your partner can backfire if she starts developing a false image of yours. Ultimately, you would start disliking her once you can no longer spend more money on luxury products.

    These days, there are affordable yet wonderful and elegant options available in the market. For instance, instead of buying an expensive pendant for her, you can go for German silver ornaments that are beautiful, trendy and fairly-priced.


    1. Don’t gift her chocolates

    Buying chocolates for your girlfriend on her birthday is probably the laziest thing to do. Do not, we repeat, do not buy her chocolates. She is not just another colleague or a neighbour. She is your significant other! You can surely do better than this. Get your creative juices flowing. If she is a die-hard chocoholic, you can think of something unique. Online gifting and flower delivery in India is very easy using services like Bloomsvilla which offers cool combo options such as bouquet of flowers with chocolates.

    So, now you know the dos and the don’ts for your girlfriend’s birthday. Go, start planning in advance to make this day special for her and something she can look back to and cherish for years.